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Pierce's Pump & Filter Supply

Welcome to Pierce's Pump & Filter Supply

Based just outside Seattle, Washington, USA, we are a small father & son shop (see link in page footer) specializing in water well drilling, pumps, & filtration systems, along with inspections, water testing, and general consulting work. We've been in the water well pump, drilling, and filter industry for over 22 years. In that time we've gotten a pretty good handle on a variety of well, pump, and filter configurations, and have had to deal with some of the most challenging drilling, pump, and filtration systems in the entire continental United States. Additionally, because we still work on a day to day basis in the water well industry, we stay abreast of current technology, and work with some of the brightest people in the water community.

On this site, you'll be able to buy the same products we install for customers in our normal service area for your DIY project. We only recommend the best products for the job, but we'll also host some of the more economical products from our best manufacturers - hopefully you'll find a solution for every budget.

Your water well system...

We're here to provide most of the parts & pieces for your water system. If you have a complicated system, or it's different from the more typical systems we illustrate here, you may want to contact a local professional for your installation.

Two Wire Pump Systems

Two wire pump systems work by lodging the starting circuitry for the motor down inside the motor (this is the primary difference between a 2-wire and 3-wire pump). This allows for quite a bit of economy on the owner's part, as the installation requires less wire and components. The wire will come from the breaker, through the pressure switch (or other type of switch), then go straight to the motor. However, if there are any failures in the motor starting circuitry, the motor will have to be replaced in its entirety. Typically, two wire installations use 2-wire w/ ground cabling - including a red hot wire, black hot wire, and a green grounding wire.

Three Wire Pump Systems

Three wire pumps differ from two wire pumps in that they use a Motor Control Box with a capacitor and relay sized for the motor. The Control Box delivers a large starting amperage to the motor to get the system turning, after which, any real difference between the two motor types ends. From the breaker to the control box, you'll need two hot wires and a bonding ground wire. From the control box to the pump motor, a three wire motor requires 4 wires total in the cabling - red, yellow, and black hot wires, and a green grounding wire.

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